Summer at Mercer

Keep your feet wet and continue on your path to success through Mercer’s virtual summer courses.

Are you Ready?

Dive In To Summer

In response to COVID-19, all University courses for Summer Sessions I, II, and III will be delivered online, with the exception of some Macon traditional undergraduate Session II courses and some professional school courses. Build a schedule that works for you and stay on track to achieve all your academic goals.

Traditional Undergraduate Students

Lighten your load and enhance your learning in a more relaxed, intimate classroom atmosphere, take your education beyond the classroom walls and study abroad, or get a head start on your career through a summer internship.

Adult Undergraduate Students

We understand the demands on your schedule, so our classes are designed to offer convenience and flexibility. Through summer courses, take advantage of even smaller class sizes for a more tailored learning experience, and enjoy being one step closer to graduation.

Graduate Studies Special Consideration Pathway

Mercer undergraduate students completing degree requirements this spring, and alumni who graduated within the past three years, may be eligible for a special consideration pathway opportunity to begin a Mercer master’s degree program in Summer 2020.