Traditional Undergraduate Students

Have plans for the summer? Spend your summer at Mercer! We offer a multitude of courses to help you get ahead before the hustle and bustle of fall begins.



Lighten Your Load, Enhance Your Learning 

Mercer summer classes offer a more relaxed, intimate classroom atmosphere, allowing students to focus on a few classes without the distraction of a full schedule of courses and extracurricular activities. 

Reduced Tuition

Enroll in summer classes and save money! Summer tuition will be offered at a discounted rate of more than 50% less than the cost of fall and spring tuition. 

Mercer Offers Summer Perks

Summer at Mercer offers a variety of campus life activities! Enjoy the convenience of on-campus living and a full semester of events.



Course Schedule 

Taking summer courses doesn’t mean students miss out on the traditional class experience. Mercer students, as well as transient and transfer students, can enjoy smaller class sizes and additional personal attention from professors. Browse available summer courses>>

Online Programs 

Whether students want to study abroad or take advantage of an internship or summer job, Mercer offers interactive online courses to help students succeed no matter the distance. Learn more about online course options >>

Financial Aid

If you have additional financial aid available, put these extra funds to use toward completing your Mercer degree. HOPE, Parent PLUS Loans, and private loans may be available to cover remaining tuition costs. Keep in mind that you must take at least six hours to use your Federal Direct Loans. Learn more about Financial Aid Planning >>