Transfer and Transient Students

Planning to transfer to Mercer in the fall? Or are you home for the summer but want to take a few classes before heading back to school in the fall? Mercer's summer experience provides students with education and summer fun! 



Lighten Your Fall and Spring Academic Load  

With the option of taking up to six hours during each five-week session, students can knock out courses quickly. Summer courses offer a more relaxed, intimate classroom atmosphere, and you can focus on more demanding courses without the distraction of a full course load. 

Complete Your Classes in Record Time

Most courses are offered four days a week and, although intense, many of Mercer’s summer classes last for just five short weeks. 

Benefit from More Individual Attention from Professors 

In addition to small classes and the convenience of living on campus, students have the opportunity to connect with professors. 

Enjoy Your Summer

Take advantage of scheduled campus life activities while getting ahead on academics during the summer.

Select your status below to learn more about what Mercer has to offer:

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