Adult Undergraduate Students

Keep your momentum toward finishing your degree and enjoy the benefits of taking summer classes at Mercer. We offer many course options to help you achieve your goals. 


Take Advantage of Opportunities at Mercer


Advising is not only during spring and fall terms, summer semester continues to help students reach their goals. Students have the opportunity to meet with center coordinators for assistance in many areas such as advising and financial planning. 

Course Schedule 

Are you near one of our five locations in Atlanta, Henry, Douglas or Macon? Find out what summer courses are offered and select your term.  Browse available summer courses >>

Online Programs 

Mercer offers interactive online courses to help students succeed no matter the distance. These courses are taught by faculty on Mercer’s course management systems and completely online. Learn more about online course options >>

Financial Aid 

If you have additional financial aid available, put these extra funds to use towards completing your Mercer degree. Scholarship and loans such as Hope,  public and private loans may be available to cover remaining tuition costs. Keep in mind that you must take at least six hours to use your Federal Direct Loans. Learn more about Financial Aid Planning >>

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